Life Update #2

Hello Everyone! (\^_^/)

I would love to follow up on Angie’s previous post.

Yes, we have been gone for a while and we both apologize but as Angie has said, life has gotten busy for the both of us. Fortunately life has allowed us to kickstart back onto working on our little baby (this blog/reviewing hobby thing). Now, life has been busy for me but fortunately I’ve been able to read a book here and there, and one of those books is called Creatus by Carmen DeSousa and the oh so anticipated ACOWAR. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish either book but reviews on that will be coming soon.

As for my absence on my part, acting has been moving along for me. It may not seem as much (sure doesn’t feel like much) but we all need to give ourselves credit for the little successes that happen in our life more often. Trust me when I say it makes a world of a difference. Once I started acknowledging my small successes I’ve been able to focus more on moving forward instead of beating myself up about not quite being where I want to be and holding myself back unintentionally.

Now for my acting, I’m actually working on a play at the moment called Gruesome Playground Injuries and am playing the oh so complicated Kayleen (aka Leenie). I have a wonderful partner playing Dougie (aka Doug) and we both can’t wait to put it up toward the winter months.

This is old news but in case I didn’t mention this (I totally forgot if I have and if I did I apologize), I was in a Honda commercial promoting the Honda Fit. It hasn’t aired on the English channels but it’s aired I believe in the Spanish channels. It’s even up on YouTube if you are interested in checking it out, I would very much appreciate it. I mean who doesn’t love support right? Anyway the link is down below ^_^
I apologize if this post is short but I promise to be back soon (hopefully before the end of this week 🤞🏻) along with Angie where we will be posting reviews, book talks, and other such things 😊 I hope you all have a beautiful day, afternoon, evening/night and I hope to hear from you all soon especially from our new viewers!

Thanks for following everyone, you are all amazing!!

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Life Update 🙋

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been FOREVER since my girl Steph and I have written anything in here. Especially me. SO SOORRYYY! Lives been busy. Things have been changing for both us and on my end family has grown, in Stephs it’s a new move. Sorry again for being MIA. 

Even if we haven’t posted we have been reading. Not much but we have picked up a book or two. Many books and reviews to catch up and post. I personally have gone back to reading Watpad stories. If you guys have a watpad and want to be friends or share your stories please post a comment and we will gladly see it and support your awesomeness! 

We will be trying to come back to the blogging world and speak to you awesome people soon enough. Thank you all who have stucked w/us and Hello (^^)/ & Welcome to our new viewers. I hope you like what you see. We will be posting a new review soon. Thank you for reading.

And as always, Until Next Time (^^)/


Angel’s Halo #2 Review!!

Title: Angel’s Halo: Entangled by Terri Anne Browning

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️’s & 2/5 🌟’s

Total Rating: 6/10

Synopsis: He was the MC’s enforcer. The man to dole out punishments within the club. Men feared him, and so the peace was kept. For the most part. But Spider isn’t at peace with himself. There is only one thing in life he wants, and she just stormed back into his life…

The moment I saw him, I belonged to Spider Masterson. Now, four years later, I still can’t help but want to belong to him. Even after all the pain he has put me through, I couldn’t keep my distance. 
There have been two females in my life that have ever made me feel anything. One was my best friend. The other owned my soul. She’d tattooed her name on my heart the second she had smiled at me for the first time. But the past stands in our way. I know I need to explain that night to her, but once I have her back in my bed, I can’t think about anything but making her mine.

Review: When I first started reading this book, I thought that it would be just like the other books that stick strictly to 2 POVs at most. After a few chapters it went back to the multiple POVs which I’m starting to warm up to but can be kind of annoying when you get so attached to a story and don’t hear their side forna while.

I did enjoy the 2nd book, but I do have to admit, something really confused me. When Felicity finally came into the story again, all these names were being thrown out and I didn’t know who was who. Who was a child, who was the parent, who was who? Throughout the whole chapter I was utterly confused and it was the only chapter in which you see Felicity’s perspective. It was really short and by the end of it, I was just as confused. Also, in the first book, there was a mention of Felicity’s dog being given to Raven and how much Lexa (the little girl) had loved him. But in the 2nd book there is no mention whatsoever of the dog. Not even that Alexa was with him on the other or anything.

Honestly I totally forgot the dog even existed, until Felicity mentioned it in her chapter. And yet, after her chapter, there was still no mention of the dog being around. Small detail but I feel like it’s important to at least mention the pup once or twice, especially if a character is attached to the pup. 

Aside from that, the complication of the relationships kind of irked me but it was a good struggle. If there was a little more tug-o-war with the relationships then it would’ve annoyed me.

Aside from the negatives, it’s still a good read. On the book #3.

Written by CrownTheRivers aka Steph

Angel’s Halo Review!!

Title: Angel’s Halo by Terri Anne Browning

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️’s & 2.5/5 🌟’s

Total Rating: 6.5/10

Synopsis: Creswell Springs was a small town in Trinity Count, California. Population 1,500—maybe. It’s a quiet town, with small town values. Its greatest income is the University just outside of the town limits… and the revenue the local Motorcycle Club brings in. 

Being part of the MC that was Angel’s Halo was exactly like being part of a family. A scary, powerful, crazy family. It was also like its own society. There are rules, just as there are in every family, every society. But only breaking one of their rules will leave you in a broken, blood pile on the floor… 
No one touches Raven Hannigan.


I was the MC’s only weakness. Or so my father use to tell me as I was growing up. Mad Max Hannigan was once Angel’s Halos’ president. He made the rules and everyone was expected to follow them or come face to fist with the enforcer…

I have spent my life in the middle of the MC. I knew the rules—the penalties for breaking those rules. So I knew what would happen to him if I let him break the golden rule… But I loved him, like I have never loved anyone or anything before. I thought my love would protect him. 

Of course it hadn’t. When our secret was discovered he was beaten. 

So I shouldn’t blame him for leaving me…

As the enforcer I knew the consequences. Knew exactly what was in store for me when Raven’s family found out that I had dared to break my MC’s unforgivable rule. I loved her, so it didn’t matter to me. When her oldest brother delivered my punishment I didn’t scream. Didn’t groan. I took it like the man my MC had made me, and would have done it over and over again if that was what it took to be able to call Raven Hannigan mine. 

But then my past reared its ugly head and I had a choice to make. One that I have only lived to regret.

Taking on the job as Angel’s Halos’ new president was my second chance. But… would my secrets destroy everything Raven and I once had? 

Review: First of all, right before I get into the review I do want to say that I’m changing up my rating system. The way it’ll be set up: the first rating will be the ol’ school rating of 5/5 stars (⭐️), so just your average review. But I feel like anything can fall into the 4/5 rating and the 5/5 may seem amazing but really it was just written well or I want everyone to read it and the 3/5 may seem ehh but it’s actually pretty good just not quite there. So I want to add mega stars (🌟). Basically like bonus points. So I may feel like a book deserves the 4/5 stars but not quite the 5/5 stars cuz that’s technically 100%. Anyway, the mega stars adds to the original rating. So basically I’m just doing a 10/10 star rating (like in IMDb). So a 6.5/10 is actually pretty good for a rating.

Sorry if it confusing but just think of it like an IMDb rating and forget my complicated explanation. Now, on to the review!

Real Review: I keep saying this about books lately but it’s pretty easier to entertain me. Give me a decent book and I’ll love it as long as it didn’t bore me at any point. This book though, I love! Well almost haha. The things about this book, I love the relationships and the heartbreak (I sound like a masochist) and how the characters handled it. There was also some development so the ball kept on rolling.

I never once got bored in this story but I do have to point out something rather annoying.

The POVs. Oh my goodness, they change so darn much I’m surprised we didn’t get a POV from every character mentioned in the book. There were about 6 or 7 different POVs throughout the book. First I was a little turned off by that (I don’t mean sexually, duh) because I felt like there could’ve been a whole book written on these 2 specific POVs rather than just getting a taste of what is going on with this relationship. I warmed up to it after a bit but then other POVs just started adding up that by the end of the book I was going to tear my hair out. The book is meant to be about the two main characters yet suddenly it became about everyone. Now I wouldn’t mind that if the synopsis gave us a little insight to these character like they did with the 2 main characters but oh well. I may be overreacting but those are my thoughts.

So this story ended up becoming more of a movie than a general book due to all the POV changes. That’s not bad but kind of annoying when you just want to read what happens between the two main characters and don’t really care for the others’ POV at the moment.

I still recommend reading this series. I’m going to start on book 2 (🤞🏻🤞🏻 it won’t have too many POVs but highly doubt it) but if you’ve read this then let me know what you think about it.

I keep forgetting this but here is the link to get this for ebook. Get it while you can cuz it’s discounted (free) at the moment:

Until next time lovelies.

Written by the oh so irked, CrownTheRivers aka Steph


Title: Dark Protector by Celia Aaron

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️’s and 3/5 🌟’s

Total Rating: 8/10

Review: From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in a world that had long since lost any light. But she was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood.
I thought staying away would keep her safe, would shield her from me. I was wrong. Danger followed in my wake like death at a slaughter house. I protected her from the threats that circled like black buzzards, kept her safe with kill after kill.
But everything comes with a price, especially second chances for a man like me.
Killing for her was easy. It was living for her that turned out to be the hard part.

From the very beginning, this story captured my attention. Normally when stories capture my attention, I start to lose interest at one point whether it’s at the start, middle, or toward the end. This book on the other hand kept me reading. There was character development and flowing story line.

I do have to say I fell in love with the character, Nate. I am hoping that he gets his own book because he deserves it. I love his humor; it didn’t seem forced or strange at any point. He  had a charm that I absolutely loved.

As for the main characters, I loved them as well, especially Conrad. The love he develops for Charlie is passionate and agh, I just love it. Now sometimes the main female character frustrates me and it’s because of the damn decisions they make or how much they deny something and you’re just screaming “GIVE IN ALREADY!!”! Well not with this girl. Sure there were some times where I would hope that she does something but, she ends up not doing it, but it wasn’t frustrating. She ended up finding either a better way of going about something or it worked out her way anyway. Which is fine.

None of the characters really frustrated me but I do have to admit, the ending felt a little rushed. Not much but just a tad. It was in the epilogue to be specific. I felt like an idea was plastered into the first half of the epilogue, but only a little.

Overall, I really liked this read and I really hope that the author continues with this series with Nate’s side of the story.

Also (forgot to add), this book is under the genre Dark Romance & Erotica, but it didn’t really feel like erotica. There were a few sexy scenes but it wasn’t as intense as an erotica. Normally I don’t go for eroticas because it’s all about the sex and not really the story line. This book though was a perfect combination of sex and story line. Kind of like a New Adult Romance but a little more descriptive and kind of like an Erotica but more story line and less crude, I mean, “sexy” wording. Either way it was a great dark  romance and I think I’m going to read more Dark Romances because this one was pretty darn good.

If you are interested in reading this book, the link is provided down below:

Until next time lovelies.

Written by this specific reviewer, CrownTheRivers aka Steph

Real Talk

Have you ever experienced a tragedy that you could’ve stopped?? Have you ever felt that dreadful drop in your stomach when that horrific moment strikes?? When there is the Point of No Return??

Well I have. Today is when that tragedy struck so I will be sharing my story in hopes that this never happens to any other innocent out there.

Lately I have been so distracted and I don’t know why. My concentration has been all over the place. It’s been on food, makeup (especially my recent obsession with foundation since I can’t seem to buy the right shade lately), and Rhys. Yes, Rhys, my fictional soul mate. So there I am, on the floor of my room, reading, because the floor is the only comfortable spot I can find at the moment. And I get hungry, thanks to my fast metabolism. So I get up and grab the container of pineapple I have in my fridge.

I go back to my book and finally for the first time, I’m able to concentrate, it’s amazing, I’m finally making progress in the book after 5 days. And I get to page 85 and that is when tragedy hits.

I know I should’ve paid more attention but I was finally in the zone that I didn’t think, I just acted. I grabbed the lid of the pineapple container and closed the container on top of my book. When I put the container to the side, I see my world crumple. Just like how my pages are now crumpled from this tragedy. The perspiration from the lid fell on page 85 and now 4 of my pages are ruined!! 😖😭

I tried my best to save them, I grabbed a paper towel and dabbed on the pages, trying to absorb as much wetness as possible but it was too late, the damage was done 🤧 so all I was left to do was blow dry my pages to prevent them from sticking and creating further damage but the pages shrunk a little and now my book is deformed 😭 but despite my mistake, despite my neglectful nature, I love my book still, even after the damage. And I will care and love for it even more now so that tragedies like this do not happen to my precious baby again!!

And so now, all I ask is for you beautiful people to not be neglectful of your innocent books. All they want is to be read and loved!! So no liquids around the beautifulness that is this magical binding of pages. Learn from The Tragedy of Page 85. Do not be hurtful. Prevent tragedies like this in the future.

With that I leave you all to read my ACOTAR book as it has been craving to be read after the hurt I put it thru. 

Written by the neglectful owner of the copy of the beautifully innocent ACOTAR

CrownTheRivers aka Steph 


Title: The Singer (Irin Chronicles) by Elizabeth Hunter

Rating: 5/5🌟’s

Review: I have come to the decision that 🌟 will now be mega stars and ⭐️ will be regular stars. So if I put a mega star then ya know it’s good!! On to the review!!

I would love for everyone to just go and buy this book right now, like this instant because I’m seriously alone in this fandom and I need to find people to discuss this book with because ohh my lord!! I’m catholic so I should use the Lord’s name in vain but my goodness!! This book, this series is a lot better than I thought. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting back in my groove and am reading books a lot faster or I’ve become so attached to this book that I just burned right thru it or it was a quick read. Either way, this book is…it needs its own fandom, like a big one because, it deserves it!!

My heart broke for Ava despite the fact that I knew the truth and such (won’t say any spoilers). The heartache and confusion and the anger were all felt and it was such a journey. A journey to the very last word. This is such a great read and the ending…boy, I cannot believe I’m rooting for this person because I’m not supposed to but fuck that. Sorry, don’t know the age range of our audience so bleep it out with your eyes and replace it with fudge. Fudge is better, fuck isn’t. (Bleep that out again)

I want this person (it’s so hard not to say because I want to discuss sooooo bad, grrrr population of one in fandom island) to get what he craves so much and it makes me bad for wanting that but ugh!!

There are other things I want to say but I can’t so all I’ll going to say is go buy this series right now because this fandom island is like this right now 🏝 and I need it to be more like this 

With the ships included.

I really hope this population of one grows (soon 🤞🏻) so here is the link down below to get your journey to the series started:

Enjoy the read (🤞🏻) and please follow, comment, and like this post/blog and I wish y’all a merry rest of your day (or night).

Written by the fandom island (Pop.1) CrownTheRivers aka Steph