Hello my fellow bookworms!

In my bookstagram @mywolfs_booktatse I have gotten DM’s from people asking where I normally buy my books. So I decided to make it into my next blog post. Hopefully some of these places are new to you and you could use for yourself in the future. I usually try to look for deals or places where it won’t hurt my wallet much because lets face it, books can be expensive but we just have to have our books. Also these are all places I have tried personally.

Some of these places can ship internationally so there is a little bit for anyone and its in random order not by favorites. So lets begin:

  1. Book Outlet   BookOutlet

I’m pretty sure a good amount of people have heard of book outlet. Basically a website where you can buy all types of books for cheap. 50%off, 60%off or more. They have great deals and I have bought books from here. You do have to pay for shipping though but it isn’t that bad because you are saving so much. The ship to the USA, CANADA, and Internationally but to certain countries. They have a list.

2. Book Depository  Bookdepository.com

This site is pretty famous as well and it mostly ships ANYWHERE. I loved this site! You can get UK covers or any book cover version you want in here. They have discounts and a bargain section too. Also for every book you buy you get a free bookmark with your purchase. Its a win, win!

3. Thriftbooks

This place is a little controversial. Some people have had complaints about this place but I haven’t had a problem yet. If you buy $10 worth of books you get free shipping but USA only. They do though ship to the Canada, UK and other countries. They tell you in the condition the books are and the book prices are usually $3.00 and up. They have variety, from used to new.

4. Amazon   Image result

Amazon is a great place to get books for cheap! Amazon has many deals and if you have prime they come in two  days!!Bookmail! If you’re into ebooks the VARIETY OF BOOKS THEY HAVE. They have thousands and you can get many FREE! You don’t even need a kindle. You can download the app and read all you want there. I love ebook so amazon helps me in both.

     5.Kobo  Image result

This is mainly for ereaders and ebooks. They have good variety here too. They carry a couple of free books as well so its a good place to shop too. You can also download the app if you don’t have a kobo ereader and read from there.

     6. Barnes and Noble Related image

Barnes and Noble is pretty well known in the US. One of my favorite bookshops. I love coming here and walking in, seeing all the amount of books and smelling the coffee……ah its good. Its more expensive though but they have a bargain section where they have good deals. Last time I found a hardcover of “The Queen of The Tearling” by Erika Johansen. HARDCOVER. So definitely check that section out.

      7. The Last BookStore  Image result for The Last Bookstore

If you’re in the LA area in California then you HAVE to go check out this bookstore. Its an amazing place. They sell new and used books. They have to floors and the upstairs floor had art and a little gallery. Its a unique bookstore. I usually leave that place with 10 books on my side and not wasting more that 15 bucks. Worth the trip!

      8. The Book Off   Image result

This place is in Lakewood, California. It is a second hand  bookstore. All books are still in good condition and the prices are soooo low! $2, $1, $3, $5. Its a mix of everything and they have it by genres. I have come from this place with a lot of books and it didn’t even hurt me to spend because the prizes where that low.

      9. One Dollar Bookstore  Image result for one dollar bookstore

YUP! Exactly like the title says. The books are literally $1. They have books from different authors. For example Sophie Kinsella, Cassandra Clare, Stephanie Meyer, and more. I love this bookstore. Its all a mix so you will have to go in a scavenger hunt to look for your bookbabies but its fun. My friend was the one who had told me about this place and I loved it! Shout Out to my friend Susan!!

So, these are the place I normally shop. To be honest I didn’t even know they were that many until I started listing them down. Woah! Go figure. Let me know if there are anymore that you know of that I don’t have listed in here. I would love to explore new places. Until next time!

Angie XO

***Book places I’ve heard but have not tried:*****

  • Amazon Bookstore in San Diego

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