Yaaaasss!! Let’s talk about…THRONE OF GLASS!! (\^_^/)

Ok so, I’m absolutely crazy about this series. It’s to the point where I feel that my acting coach (and my classmates) are absolutely over this series because of how obsessed I am with it. But hey, if you haven’t read this series yet then get in it!! This is the best book series EVER!!! (in my opinion) And you will get exactly what I am talking about when you get hooked.

Thanks to Angie (who introduced me to the magical worlds that Sarah J. Maas creates). Now my obsession all started when Angie dragged my lazy bum to a book signing of an author I had no clue about. Once I purchased ACOMAF (Best series alongside TOG cuz I can’t decide) and we waited in line, Angie started talking about the books. I have to be honest when I first saw the cover of TOG I was not interested,ย only because it looked like Anime and I just don’t like Anime (no food throwing please, remember that shizz is precious). But when Angie started talking that’s when I got interested. I was even more interested in ACOTAR cuz I heard it was being made into a movie and my actress brain just went off (my dream is to be the main character of an epic book for the movie adaptation), so I was instantly hooked.

Angie of course recommended I read The Assassin’s Blade first (which is the prequel to TOG which you should read first too in case you haven’t read the series yet) and guuuuuurrll I was HOOKED!

And SAM!!! (moment of silence for Sam) *shaky breath**exhale**inhale*

Ok…I’m good. (You will understand if you don’t understand my craziness yet)

Let’s just say that when I found out that Throne of Glass is being adapted into a TV series on Hulu, I went ballistic! I immediately called up my manager and told her to keep an eye out for casting, and when Sarah posted the picture of theย script on twitter my heart literally skipped a beat and got all hot and happy and nervous and excited and emotions! IT was probably one of the happiest days of my life!

I mean look at it!! It’s so beautiful!! ๐Ÿ˜ญโค

But I digress…aside from my dream and ultimate goal of being cast as Celaena in the TV series, what do you all think about the series and how it’s being adapted into a TV show? Are you just as excited as I am? Or are you just not that obsessed as I am haha totally fine if not but just want to hear your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed this article or post or whatever the heck ya want to call it. If you didn’t well you can go f**k yo self.

Hahahaha just kidding…or am I?

Written by the oh so fabulous, Stephanie aka CrownTheRivers



2 thoughts on “Let Talk About…..

  1. Love this pic of celaena! And I feel like I’m on of the only ones who don’t like the covers! But when I first read it it had a different cover, with a real person. It’s one of my favorite series now ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Right?? I believe I found it on Pinterest; it was the first find so I got lucky ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha yea I didn’t like it at first but now I kind of got used to it and actually kind of love them now; it makes me so happy that it’s your favorite series!! Like I know there are a ton of people who deem it as their favorite series but it’s different when you actually know when it’s someone’s favorite (hope I make sense haha) but love hearing from you!! ๐Ÿ’•

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