“Loaded” by Teagan Kade


Title: “Loaded” by Teagan Kade

Rating: 3/5 stars

First things first, this book is entertaining. I love the story line and the romance and the main characters but there were a few bumps on the road. Now I’m not A+ on grammar and such but there were a few bloops.

At times I’m reading and I’m in the zone and then I get pulled out of the world because a certain sentence just didn’t make sense. So when I reread it I notice that a word isn’t supposed to be there (ex: seemed like the author wanted to start the sentence one way then backspaced and rewrote it but forgot to backspace that one word; sometimes forgetting to type a word), or a word is used incorrectly (such as it being used in past tense rather than present). Now like I said, I’m not the best at grammar but it’s what I noticed quiet a few times so don’t throw food at me (throw something else instead because food is precious).

Another thing I noticed was the writing. It felt like there was a flow and then a small rocky waterfall interrupted the steady stream and then settled into that steady flow and then back again. The steady stream just kept getting interrupted. Maybe the author was having writers block (I get it all the time so I know when I see a struggle) or maybe it was something else and I’m way off base (no pun intended).

There were also times when things just didn’t make sense. There was a character that talked to one of the mains’ and right after he says what needs to be said, the main goes into an internal monologue which is perfectly fine. The problem was that right after the conversation was over and the inner monologue is done, the character (or the main) answers a question that was never asked. It felt like some information was deleted or just forgotten to type maybe?

Aside from all of that I kept reading because, despite all the errors, the book was entertaining! I believe that with some editing the book would be fantastic. I really like this book and I hope the very best for it. I’ve read a book from this author before and it was great so I’m looking forward to reading more from them.

Review by Steph

*Side Note: This was given to me as an eARC for an honest review*


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