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wp-1484448419281.jpgHi everyone (^^)/.

Angie here and just giving a brief post of my current reads. Three books at the moment with absolutely nothing in common. All different worlds. Talk about variety X).  Two books were given from publishers using Netgalley and one I bought using Kobo. I was starting to go into a reading slump but one of these books helped get me out of it. Try to guess which one? These are my reads:

  • A fantasy read “Wintersong” by S. Jae-Jones. A great read so far.
  • A manga, historical fiction, “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo & art by SunNeko Lee
  • A murder, thriller type “M School” by Kevin T. Johns

Also, thanx to a fellow blogger here NancyLostinLife , she had posted a list of podcasts she is listening too (I’ll leave a link to her blog post) and I found one of them to be REALLY GOOD! I have read a story before from Reddit, recommended by a friend, one involving a cabin in an Indian tribe territory and possession type. It was creepy and soooo good!!! I read it during Halloween. So when I found out they made it into a podcast I decided to listen to all the stories from the beginning and OMG. I.AM.CREEPED.OUT! BUT I LOVE IT!! They have the voices and sound effects and tone. amazing!

So, curently reading and listening to great stories so far. I’ll keep ya updated!

Angie xo

NancyLostinLife- Podcast


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