Hello my fellow bookworms!

What do you think about listening to music while reading? Do you guys do it? If so, what music do you listen too?  I pesronally always listen to music while reading. ALWAYS. If I am being honest it is a way of shutting the world out. My escape. Everything else doesn’t exist, its just me, my book, and my music. At times my dogs too, 🐾they’ll lay right by me🐾. When I read my ipod or phone is an essential and no its not for calls/text (but I will admit if the book is too good I will occasionally text my book buddy Steph aka CrownTheRivers cause when you got the feels you just can’t help it!!!). Its for music. I listen to pandora, 8track or a specific playlist I have created myself for reading on my ipod. It all depends on the mood of the book.

👑 I do have preferences. For fantasy books (all type) or books with kingdoms and royalties, I usually like to listen to indie/folk music or Instrumental (sometimes Rock too). The mood and the melody go perfect with the scenes in the book. I don’t know about you guys but when I listen to my songs and read its like watching a masterpiece. I’m the composer/director and I am watching the world in my book create itself vividly. I can’t live without it.

💜For Contemporary say it be Young Adult/New Adut/Adult I’ve noticed I listen to techno or upbeat music. For example Alan Walker or even Halsey. Its all in the tune. There are times I do mix some Indie music and alternative for Contemporary  but its mostly upbeat music. It has to match the mood of my book.

💣Thriller/Mystery anything by Audiomachine or Hans Zimmer is PERFECT! It catches the scenes perfectly. Its suspenful, creates tension. Its just art of perfection!😍

Let me know if you guys read and listen to music too! What type you into? I love listening to all types. Trust me! When it comes to music my ipod is very diverse. From different genres to tempos to even languages. I have all types so don’t hesitate to post! I would love to add more to my playlists!!. Thanx for reading. (^^)/

Till next time, Angie xx


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