Sex. Just kidding. We’re not going to talk about that so cool your hormones. I actually wanted to talk about…what did I want to talk about? ANGIE! Help me out here…

A: I keep reading that and it cracks me up!!! “Sex. just kidding” hahahahhahahaha

S: Teehee πŸ˜‡

Well I just heard devastating news from Angie not long ago and although it may not be devastating to most, it is to me. (Insert over dramatic crying😩😫😭)

We just found out that the last book of TOG is DELAYED until NEXT YEAR!!! (dun dun duuuuunnn). I mean how horrible is that?!

Fucking Chaol…πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘

Yea, I said it. The reason why the last book of TOG isn’t coming out until 2018 is because Chaol’s “novella” ended up turning into a “novel”. So because of that they are releasing his novel first. What the fuck?! I mean I don’t mind cuz Angie and I don’t have to wait that long since we still haven’t read Empire of Storms (we’re working on it but please, no spoilers; although we have been spoiling certain things on our own which flipping sucks). But it’s still devastating though! Cuz I know that once we are done reading EOS we have to wait a flippin’ year!! What the Flippin’ Fuck???!!

I do have to admit it is rather strategic. Get people excited for the last book but WAIT…we’ll postpone but here is this “filler” to satisfy your TOG needs while you wait longer for the grand finale!!

Geez I sound bitter, I don’t mean to but if I do then it’s because I’m in grief.πŸ˜©πŸ˜–

“I’ve regressed and gotten old, and I only have a few seconds of gravity left before it all comes crashing down on me.” (insert dramatic cry) That ladies and gents is a paraphrased quote from the marvelous play Motherfucker With The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis (the one where I’m assistant stage manager)

Which by the way, if you want to see it just contact me for the link to purchase the tickets. It is their final 2 weeks in performing so go watch them now while you can! (It’s in LA by the way, and by LA I mean Los Angeles, not Louisiana)😏

I digress!

Does anyone else feel upset about the final TOG book getting delayed? How do you feel about Chaol fucking up the process and making us wait longer? Are you interested in reading his novella?? Opps, I mean NOVEL??

Still bitter…I know…

I luv ya Chaol but I don’t really want to read your book, I’m more interested in the last installment but I will fall into the marketing trick and buy it anyway because I NEED my TOG fix after I finish reading EOS. Cuz I know Angie and I will be in despair after the emotional train-wreck we will go on together.

What are your thoughts people of the world? Are you just as bitter as I am? Or do you just not care about my heart breaking over this dilemma? (Geez, dramatic much? Of course no one cares ya DQ)(Which stands for Dairy Queen not Drama Queen)…(wait..)

*When you’re so dramatic that you talk to yourself even on the computer*πŸ˜ƒ

Let me know your thoughts! Comment down below, Subscribe (or follow, I still don’t know how this thing works), and like if ya like it. And if ya don’t then ya can walk right out that door on your left. Just kidding. (or am I?) No but really, I’m kidding. Just don’t be a bully.πŸ€“πŸ’•

Written by the Oh So Dramatically in Despair, Steph aka CrownTheRivers



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