♡Bookish Goodies😍

Hey Everyone,

This post is about bookish goods. Not the type you eat like cookies and cakes but items that are themed around our favorite books. For example the world of Harry Potter (😶….I haven’t read that series yet so don’t kill me BUT I’ve seen the movies lol) or Throne Of Glass (My girl Stephanie and I favorite series💕.) Or A Court Of Thorns And Roses (Stephs bookish Boyfriend Rhys💕💙 mine Cassian 😍💜. We decided to share Azriel……at least thats what she thinks😉) or even fairy-tales. There is so much diversity in our bookish goods out there.

So I don’t know if some of you guys know but there is this site called Etsy and many people go and create there stuff and start their little companies there. MANY bookworm/bookdragons there.I have recently decided to purchase some items from there and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!! I will only talk about shops I have bought from personally and loved. Today I’ll talk about one shop. Let’s Go!

BOOKISH LIPBALMS:  From Literary Lip Balms (Click to go to the site)

Don’t these look pretty!!😍💕. I love them!! And the packaging is cute! If you buy more than one they come in this small little sack bag. The little card illustration has a beautiful little art and in the back there is a message from the owner/seller herself.

She has her location in Dublin, Ireland. Please don’t panic about shipping if you are in the U.S. (I can’t speak for other locations cause evey price is different but you can check and it will tell you 😊) I paid $5.00 for shipping cost, which I actually thought wasn’t that bad because it’s not 5 bucks per item but $5 flat for both my items. Her lip balms are handmade and cheap too! Her cheapest one is $2.50 and her most expensive is $4.90.

My favorite so far is “Enchanted Rose”, which was inspired by my favorite classic fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. It smells like rose petals and orange citrus. Its amazing and I love it. Just look at its color!

The other lip balm I got was inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean and its called “Where’s the Rum”. Of course a line said by our Captain Jack Sparrow. This one has a little more stronger scent of spices. I’ll be honest I am not a big of a fan of this one compared to my “Enchanted Rose” one but it is still pretty good. This one I believe it takes a special type of person to like this scent. The color reminds me of the sun!

I am pretty happy with my buys. Since it was my first international buy I was unsure if I had to pay extra when it arrived but the Owner of the Literary Lip Balms answered my doubts and assured me. I did not pay crap when it got here so I was Happy! So I definitely recommend this place. To the USA it took 2 weeks to get here which was a lot sooner then I thought cause it said it would of take up to 4 weeks but shipping time was good. I do plan to buy all of her lip balms. My next ones would be “Mad Tea Party” and “Sherbet Lemon”. I will share my thoughts in that too, when I order them. 

Is there any bookish goods you have? what are they? My next ones will be about…….BOOKISH CANDLES!! The store that started my obsession (^^)’>hehehe.

That is all for now. Until next time (^^)/

Angie xx.


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