“Books with Poetry”

Hey guys!
Sorry (>.<)>  Stephanie and I haven’t posted for a while. Life stuff going on and since we still new to the blogging world we still trying to adjust. We will try to keep up and maybe create some type of schedule.


Poetry. Have any of you guys read Poetry books/reads? Any good poetry books you guys could recommend would be awesome! Lately, I have started to venture out of my comfort zone and started reading other types of genres I would most likely not pick up and poetry was one of them.

Normally I would get bored when I was in middle school or high school but now I am actually enjoying it. I have not picked up many only two types of poetry books. One called “The Princess Saves Herself In this one” by Amanda Lovelace, which I rated ☆☆☆.2/ 5 stars. It was ok… some of it was actually good. I had some favorites in the book BUT then there were other stuff that were ehh…so ya. Sorry if you read it and loved it but this is my personal opinion.

The other book is called “Bull” by David Elliott which is the reason I am doing this post and I rate it a ☆☆☆.7/5 stars. It is based around a famous myth story Theseus and the Minotaur and I am a Mythology Junkie so I had to pick this up! (eARc given through Netgalley).  It wasn’t that bad. I would probably post a book review for this one just because I actually enjoyed it. So look forward to that! This book will officially be out March 28th 2017.

A book I’ve been hearing good stuff about is “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur. I haven’t picked it up but when I have the chance I think I will. So far everyone in the bookstagram community (Instagram but for books) has good ratings on this baby so hopefully I’ll enjoy it too!

If you guys read poetry or have read any good ones and would like to share please comment down below cause I wouldn’t mind picking up new ones! Thank you for reading guys and Until next time (^^)/.

Angie XX


2 thoughts on ““Books with Poetry”

  1. I love poetry books! I have read a couple, and I am trying to rack my brain for the titles! Anyways, they’re a really fun style, and a nice break from normal books.


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