Bookish Goodies II


Since last Saturday I posted about “Bookish Goodies” I decided to post another this week. If you are verly joining me my bookish goodies are anything book themed related. For example they could be bookmarks, candles, jewelry, and so forth. If your interested to know about my first post on this topic just click here! Bookish Goodies I

Most of my bookish stuff have been bought from little companies in Etsy . This site has so many shops I’m pretty sure there really is something for everyone.  Anyways, for today’s bookish theme I will talk about BOOKISH CANDLES ♥♥!! On my last post I said I will mention shops I have bought personally or have received things from. So, each time I will talk about the items I loved from a particular shop! 

Today is about: BIBLIOFLAMES ♥♦♥. This shop was the one who created my bookish candle obsession!! I would always see different candles on bookstagram (Instagram for books. I have an account if you want to follow all my bookish related stuff @mywolfs_booktaste ). All the pretty candles and there scents always sounded amazing but the prizes at times would be to expensive for me so instead I waited…..but  then a shop appeared, BiblioFlames. It is runned Miranda, she makes candles affordable for her buyers. She also would do live shows on instagram and interacted with her followers and asked what we wanted to see or what we wanted to buy. She is funny and sweet and I just loved her. So I decided to get my FIRST EVER bookish candle from her. The “CozyBookshop”. 

This candle smells AMAZING!! and if you don’t want to take my word for it please do yourself a favor and BUY IT! It smells of Hazelnut Coffee, with hints of leather and vanilla. Its soooo GOOD!

The simplest way for me to describe it is If you are here in the US and have walked into Barnes and Noble and as soon as you open the door the scent of coffee hits you right across the face THAT is this candle. If you are into that this candle is for you. 

Another way to describe this for none Barnes and Noble people is walking into a coffee shop or caffè. Its that delicious coffee scent that makes your nostrils flare with goodness! I LOVE this candle, its my favorite so far from her shop. 

Prices vary depending where you are located because of shipping. If you are in the USA I believe with shipping included its $14 something. Which personally isn’t bad since some candles cost $14 or more plus shipping. She sales candles of 8oz and 4oz, also wax melts. I have both (^^) as you can see.

I have a new batch that I recently ordered. She is still a new company so she is still creating new scents and putting them out there. She takes input and takes our requests into consideration. I recommend her shop!! 

My most recent buys from her are “Goosebumps”” Jane Austen”and “Bella&Edwards Twilight”.  I got three 4oz candles and I can’t wait to light them up \(^.^)/!!! 

That is it For Now. Until next time (^^)/

Angie XX


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