Bookish Themed Goodies III 🤓

Hello Bookworms, 

Today’s post more bookish themed goodies!! As I had said before on my other posts on this theme I have been addicted to buying Bookish Candles sooooo there will be more of that! The shop for today is: MUGGLE LIBRARY CANDLES 

I love this shop. I found out about this shop by coincidence. During that time she was changing her labels, which I think they came out GORGEOUS! She had a special of buying one 8oz candle and you receive a 4oz candle w/her old labels for free. 

I wanted Winter Court which was inspired by the A Court Of Thorns And Roses series by Sarah J. Maas and as my 4oz I asked for a Rowan  which was inspired by the Throne Of Glass Series by the same amazing author Sarah J. Maas.  When my package came I was surprised because the packaging was so pretty and bright and in my order I had a free tea light sample of The Night Lord candle!! I was beaming \(^.^)/!!

LOOK HOW PRETTY!! She completely personalized the box and added a card and shipping was quick. I loved it! I was a satisfied customer which is the reason I am going back for more. She has new candles out and I bet they smell amazing!!

I have tried Winter Court, Rowan, and The Night Lord but my favorite is WINTER COURT . It looks so pretty and smells so good. It’s like the smell of pine trees and freshness. I love it!! 

The price range is $14.00 and shipping is depending where you are located. I am in the USA so It is $6.80. Its actually went down cause it was more. Trust me these candles are worth it. I am in love! Go check them out! She even has the bundle deal w/buying 2 4oz jar candles for $8.00 plus shipping. I will be buying more cause I am excited for her new scents! 

wp-image-689898107jpg.jpg20170226_113343.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         wp-image-1971066017jpg.jpg
So, this was today’s post! Hope you guys like and it. Thank you for reading and

Until Next Time (^^)/, Angie. 


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