Bookish Themed Goodies V

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the MIA but I am back! My girl Steph is having some technical difficulties but she will be back with us soon. We have MUCH to catch up but for now I will start with a new bookish themed merch.

Our Bookish Shop For this post is: Type Writer Hearts

I ordered this a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to support a new shop starting off and wanted to try of course  her sugar scrubs. I, in total honesty have never tried a sugar scrub before. When I saw the variety she had I was tempted to try one.

I went on choosing mine based on color and scent. Winter Court, which is inspired by “A Court Of Thorns And Roses” Trilogy by Sarah J. Maas, has a pine, snowy freshness scent and the color is beautiful! I fell in love when I saw it.

I also got two lip balms. Both were Harry Potter inspired. One was  “Dumbledore” with a lemon sherbert scent. It smells delicious!! The other was “Neville” with a floral scent which was given to my friend cause she wanted one as well. She loved it. The scent in that one is not as strong so it was perfect for her. 

Her labels are literally using a typewriter. I find that unique and beautiful. Her prizes are not expensive. Shipping isn’t bad either if you are in the USA of course. Shipping outside I have no idea but it will let you know if you want to find out before you buy. 

She has different fandom merch so maybe you will find something you like. She has lip balms, sugar scrubs, and soaps.

All her stuff are hand made and originally done by her. My sugar scrub was amazing. It really left my skin so soft. I loved it! I plan to get more of course. Probably another Winter Court sugar scrub cause that color is beautiful (^.^). 




I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or bookish merch you want to share let me know. I also want to say I am NOT a representative for this little shop this is all my personal opinion. Go check it out if you’d like. She also has an Instagram that keeps you updated with her new things coming. I left a link above for her etsy shop.

So that’s it for now. Thank you so much for reading guys, following and supporting. Mucho love! 

Until next time, Angie (^^)/


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