Hi Guys!

        💚Big News!! I am so excited for THIS!!! cause one of my MOST ANTICIPATED books is coming out this year and the cover reveal has been POSTED!!!!! I can’t keep my excitement in!! I NEED THE WORLD TO READ THIS BABY!! Its Frikin amazing!!! It is a Dystopian read and I KNOW some people are over that genre but PLEASE give this one a try! This book is incredible with action pack scenes, great characters, great plot line, a strong kick-ass heroin and over all AMAZING! This author created such a great world that everyone needs to dive in. Its actually one of my favorite dystopian reads and I have read a couple (^^)>. There are three books in the series and will post all three towards the end.

So without any more here is the Cover Real for the last book of the New World Risng Trilogy” : THE NEW WORLD INFERNO by Jennifer Wilson

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!!! ❤❤My favorite out of the three and I love how the colors pop out and call to you!! Red is my favorite color and it totally does it justice here!!! Will be coming out SEP. 12th

Look forward to this books but read the first two now! First book is “New World Rising” and the Second is “New World Ashes” , these books are amazing you won’t regret reading them. I’ll move my reviews from these books over from goodreads to here just in case if you guys are interested! 










Book Trailer for New World Rising here: 

Jennifer Wilson site


Okay guys I am gonna try to calm myself. and try to make a plan in how to get an ARC of this baby. This is crucial for me!!💜💜

Thank you so much for reading. Until Next Time \(^^)/



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