Bookish Themed VI

Hi guys,

Sorry I skipped last weeks Bookish merch. Midterms, tests and studying. Just so much and its still not over 😫….but I can manage to post today😜! So with nothing more to add here is today’s shop!!

Shop: Wick and Fable 

This is an Etsy shop as well and guess what it has bookish candles and wait for it……TEA!!! I have always been a tea person not much coffee. Don’t get me wrong I do take my now and then much needed caffeine jist but will always turn for tea. More my style. 🍵

Wick and fable was having a sale and I might of gone just a little crazy……..(^^)>. Just a little. I bought a couple of bookish candles and got a bonus. 💙

It came in there own custom made box. Which I think looks amazing and adds personality to their company. Just look at it.👀

My order was done during a horrible weather time and was delayed because of a snow storm. The good thing is the owner would update us in our packages and would help us out if we needed it.

Great service all the way! I recommend you guys go check her stuff. You will fall in love with her products.   


As 8oz candles I had wanted “Hello, Witchling” and “Rowan” which are bookish candles inspired by the TOG( Throne Of Glass Series). As a bonus for the March Special I got a “Ever After” 4oz. in honor of Beauty and The Beast. Don’t they all look so pretty together!! My favorite though from the three is “Hello, Witchling” cause it literally smells like berries and wine. IT SMELL SOOO GOOD!!! 💗

As for my 4oz. The tins were on special which I am sad to say they don’t sell the tins no more only jars now. I got all of these!!! Currently burning the “Stars Hallow” candle, inspired by my all time favorite show Gilmore Girls.

I do not regret buying none. I do regret though not buying more when the special was in place.


(Pictures above are mine. The tea picture I got from her etsy shop. I chose a Ravenclaw tea cause I’M A REAVENCLAW!!! CAW CAW🖤💙🦅….I know geeky🤓 lol)

Ravenclaw Loose Tea Blend - Earl Grey, Vanilla, Bergamot, Cornflower Petals | Harry Potter Inspired

This is a new edition to her shop or at least it use to be there but then she took it off but now it is back there again. I have not bought any teas from her but I plan to get some soon a long w/some Wintersong inspired candles. I am happy customer and share with you guys my buys. 

Go check out her shop. I have her link above. Hope you guys like this post. Next time I might actually talk about Supernatural and it won’t be candles (>.<).

Thank You for reading guys! Until next time (^^)/



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