Title: The Singer (Irin Chronicles) by Elizabeth Hunter

Rating: 5/5🌟’s

Review: I have come to the decision that 🌟 will now be mega stars and ⭐️ will be regular stars. So if I put a mega star then ya know it’s good!! On to the review!!

I would love for everyone to just go and buy this book right now, like this instant because I’m seriously alone in this fandom and I need to find people to discuss this book with because ohh my lord!! I’m catholic so I should use the Lord’s name in vain but my goodness!! This book, this series is a lot better than I thought. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting back in my groove and am reading books a lot faster or I’ve become so attached to this book that I just burned right thru it or it was a quick read. Either way, this book is…it needs its own fandom, like a big one because, it deserves it!!

My heart broke for Ava despite the fact that I knew the truth and such (won’t say any spoilers). The heartache and confusion and the anger were all felt and it was such a journey. A journey to the very last word. This is such a great read and the ending…boy, I cannot believe I’m rooting for this person because I’m not supposed to but fuck that. Sorry, don’t know the age range of our audience so bleep it out with your eyes and replace it with fudge. Fudge is better, fuck isn’t. (Bleep that out again)

I want this person (it’s so hard not to say because I want to discuss sooooo bad, grrrr population of one in fandom island) to get what he craves so much and it makes me bad for wanting that but ugh!!

There are other things I want to say but I can’t so all I’ll going to say is go buy this series right now because this fandom island is like this right now 🏝 and I need it to be more like this 

With the ships included.

I really hope this population of one grows (soon 🤞🏻) so here is the link down below to get your journey to the series started:

Enjoy the read (🤞🏻) and please follow, comment, and like this post/blog and I wish y’all a merry rest of your day (or night).

Written by the fandom island (Pop.1) CrownTheRivers aka Steph


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