Real Talk

Have you ever experienced a tragedy that you could’ve stopped?? Have you ever felt that dreadful drop in your stomach when that horrific moment strikes?? When there is the Point of No Return??

Well I have. Today is when that tragedy struck so I will be sharing my story in hopes that this never happens to any other innocent out there.

Lately I have been so distracted and I don’t know why. My concentration has been all over the place. It’s been on food, makeup (especially my recent obsession with foundation since I can’t seem to buy the right shade lately), and Rhys. Yes, Rhys, my fictional soul mate. So there I am, on the floor of my room, reading, because the floor is the only comfortable spot I can find at the moment. And I get hungry, thanks to my fast metabolism. So I get up and grab the container of pineapple I have in my fridge.

I go back to my book and finally for the first time, I’m able to concentrate, it’s amazing, I’m finally making progress in the book after 5 days. And I get to page 85 and that is when tragedy hits.

I know I should’ve paid more attention but I was finally in the zone that I didn’t think, I just acted. I grabbed the lid of the pineapple container and closed the container on top of my book. When I put the container to the side, I see my world crumple. Just like how my pages are now crumpled from this tragedy. The perspiration from the lid fell on page 85 and now 4 of my pages are ruined!! 😖😭

I tried my best to save them, I grabbed a paper towel and dabbed on the pages, trying to absorb as much wetness as possible but it was too late, the damage was done 🤧 so all I was left to do was blow dry my pages to prevent them from sticking and creating further damage but the pages shrunk a little and now my book is deformed 😭 but despite my mistake, despite my neglectful nature, I love my book still, even after the damage. And I will care and love for it even more now so that tragedies like this do not happen to my precious baby again!!

And so now, all I ask is for you beautiful people to not be neglectful of your innocent books. All they want is to be read and loved!! So no liquids around the beautifulness that is this magical binding of pages. Learn from The Tragedy of Page 85. Do not be hurtful. Prevent tragedies like this in the future.

With that I leave you all to read my ACOTAR book as it has been craving to be read after the hurt I put it thru. 

Written by the neglectful owner of the copy of the beautifully innocent ACOTAR

CrownTheRivers aka Steph 


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