Life Update #2

Hello Everyone! (\^_^/)

I would love to follow up on Angie’s previous post.

Yes, we have been gone for a while and we both apologize but as Angie has said, life has gotten busy for the both of us. Fortunately life has allowed us to kickstart back onto working on our little baby (this blog/reviewing hobby thing). Now, life has been busy for me but fortunately I’ve been able to read a book here and there, and one of those books is called Creatus by Carmen DeSousa and the oh so anticipated ACOWAR. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to finish either book but reviews on that will be coming soon.

As for my absence on my part, acting has been moving along for me. It may not seem as much (sure doesn’t feel like much) but we all need to give ourselves credit for the little successes that happen in our life more often. Trust me when I say it makes a world of a difference. Once I started acknowledging my small successes I’ve been able to focus more on moving forward instead of beating myself up about not quite being where I want to be and holding myself back unintentionally.

Now for my acting, I’m actually working on a play at the moment called Gruesome Playground Injuries and am playing the oh so complicated Kayleen (aka Leenie). I have a wonderful partner playing Dougie (aka Doug) and we both can’t wait to put it up toward the winter months.

This is old news but in case I didn’t mention this (I totally forgot if I have and if I did I apologize), I was in a Honda commercial promoting the Honda Fit. It hasn’t aired on the English channels but it’s aired I believe in the Spanish channels. It’s even up on YouTube if you are interested in checking it out, I would very much appreciate it. I mean who doesn’t love support right? Anyway the link is down below ^_^
I apologize if this post is short but I promise to be back soon (hopefully before the end of this week ๐Ÿคž๐Ÿป) along with Angie where we will be posting reviews, book talks, and other such things ๐Ÿ˜Š I hope you all have a beautiful day, afternoon, evening/night and I hope to hear from you all soon especially from our new viewers!

Thanks for following everyone, you are all amazing!!

Stay awesome possums ^_^



Life Update ๐Ÿ™‹

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been FOREVER since my girl Steph and I have written anything in here. Especially me. SO SOORRYYY! Lives been busy. Things have been changing for both us and on my end family has grown, in Stephs it’s a new move. Sorry again for being MIA. 

Even if we haven’t posted we have been reading. Not much but we have picked up a book or two. Many books and reviews to catch up and post. I personally have gone back to reading Watpad stories. If you guys have a watpad and want to be friends or share your stories please post a comment and we will gladly see it and support your awesomeness! 

We will be trying to come back to the blogging world and speak to you awesome people soon enough. Thank you all who have stucked w/us and Hello (^^)/ & Welcome to our new viewers. I hope you like what you see. We will be posting a new review soon. Thank you for reading.

And as always, Until Next Time (^^)/