Life Update 🙋

Hey Guys!

I know it’s been FOREVER since my girl Steph and I have written anything in here. Especially me. SO SOORRYYY! Lives been busy. Things have been changing for both us and on my end family has grown, in Stephs it’s a new move. Sorry again for being MIA. 

Even if we haven’t posted we have been reading. Not much but we have picked up a book or two. Many books and reviews to catch up and post. I personally have gone back to reading Watpad stories. If you guys have a watpad and want to be friends or share your stories please post a comment and we will gladly see it and support your awesomeness! 

We will be trying to come back to the blogging world and speak to you awesome people soon enough. Thank you all who have stucked w/us and Hello (^^)/ & Welcome to our new viewers. I hope you like what you see. We will be posting a new review soon. Thank you for reading.

And as always, Until Next Time (^^)/



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