About Us


I am Stephanie aka CrownTheRivers and I am Angie aka MyWolfs_Booktaste. We had been talking about doing a blog for a while but neither of us would actually move to the next stage. Then we had the bright idea of doing it TOGETHER!. Why not? We are both book freak friends and our friendship basically grew from our love of books. Well and animals too, 😁🐾. So this is us. Steph you go first.

Well Hello everyone, I am Stephanie. Things you should know about me, I love books (can you tell?) but I also love makeup! Books and makeup are the best things in the world, aside from animals (these are my babies) and tea…oh and food!. I do believe in natural beauty and stuff but if you got makeup skills that are on point, you best show off! I am a huge fan of SJM world; anything she writes, I love (Rhys anyone?) I love animals and have a long list of favorites (I categorized them, I know, I’m crazy) and I love listening to music while I read because it just complements the movie in my head so well. Enough about me, let’s hear more about Angie…take it away gurl!!

Hahaha, ok. Hi there, my name is Angelica but I go by Angie.img_20170102_211109 As you can see I am an animal lover. Those babies you see are my precious. I don’t usually take pictures of myself but when it comes to my babies ALL THE TIME. I am an Animal Science Major. I live in southern side California. I love wolves, I love to read and when I do I have to listen to music at the same time. It creates my own personal movie and I see the words as images in my mind. (I think it’s also one of the reasons Steph and I click). Music+Books = Our own perfect Movie🤓📚😍. I am guilty of cover buys and am NOT a shame. Sometimes bookcovers are just too pretty one can’t resist.

So yeah, this is us and Welcome to our BookWorld.