Hello everyone!!

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything but I am happy to announce I am back!!

I have been busy with acting lately but I have finally found a window to write another post. And what an exciting post this is. Now, considering I’m behind on social media and feel like I’m the first to know about things when really I’m the last to know, you guys might have already heard about this but eff it. I’m announcing it anyway in case any of you are like me and haven’t heard anything about it yet.

First news I would love to bring up is…drumroll… The Shatter Me Series!!! Yes I know the book series ended a while ago but it has just been announced that Tahereh Mafi (the author of the series for those of you who don’t know) has 3 NEW books to add to the series. That’s right people, the Shatter Me series will no longer be a trilogy but a…hexology?? A 6-book series, let’s just say that. It is said that the next books coming out will be continuing off from book 3 (Ignite Me). So it is not a spin-off but a continuing-off…I should stop inventing words…a sequel as some may say.

The book will come in 2 different POV’s which are Juliette’s POV and Warner’s (😍) POV. I cannot wait for the series to continue but unfortunately we have to wait until 2018 for the next book to come out. But I do have to be grateful to the writers of the TV series for asking Tahereh Mafi a question even she didn’t know the answer to which led her to reread her series and realize that Juliette’s journey had just begun. And thus people, the continuation of the Shatter Me series is born!! (\^_^/) 🌈

For more info on this amazing news, here is the link: https://www.google.com/amp/ew.com/books/2017/04/26/tahereh-mafi-shatter-me-series-new-books/amp/

Also, for those of you who aren’t aware either, yes, you have read correctly, Shatter Me is becoming a TV series so all you actresses out there, my claws are out and may the odds be ever in your favor ✌🏻👆🏻 (pretend that’s one hand holding up 3 fingers). My heart may belong to Celaena Sardothien so you girls still may have a chance with Juliette because I’m not giving up Celaena for anything (even tho I’m not blonde, I will fight).

Here is a link to more info on the Shatter Me TV series for those of you who are interested in that info: http://www.thefandom.net/tv-shows/tahereh-mafis-shatter-me-series-coming-to-television/


Yes I had to write it in all caps because it’s so exciting!!! Here is the link to the exercpt. If you don’t care about the questionare, like me, because you’re too excited for the excerpt then scroll to the bottom of the article and you will find what we have been waiting for. Well part of what we’ve all been waiting for. 

Sarah J. Maas shares excerpt from ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’

That’s all for now folks. Comment and subscribe (or follow, I still don’t know how this thing works) and have a precious day!! ☀️

Written by yours truly excited and obsessed, CrownTheRivers aka Steph


Bookish Themed VI

Hi guys,

Sorry I skipped last weeks Bookish merch. Midterms, tests and studying. Just so much and its still not over 😫….but I can manage to post today😜! So with nothing more to add here is today’s shop!!

Shop: Wick and Fable 

This is an Etsy shop as well and guess what it has bookish candles and wait for it……TEA!!! I have always been a tea person not much coffee. Don’t get me wrong I do take my now and then much needed caffeine jist but will always turn for tea. More my style. 🍵

Wick and fable was having a sale and I might of gone just a little crazy……..(^^)>. Just a little. I bought a couple of bookish candles and got a bonus. 💙

It came in there own custom made box. Which I think looks amazing and adds personality to their company. Just look at it.👀

My order was done during a horrible weather time and was delayed because of a snow storm. The good thing is the owner would update us in our packages and would help us out if we needed it.

Great service all the way! I recommend you guys go check her stuff. You will fall in love with her products.   


As 8oz candles I had wanted “Hello, Witchling” and “Rowan” which are bookish candles inspired by the TOG( Throne Of Glass Series). As a bonus for the March Special I got a “Ever After” 4oz. in honor of Beauty and The Beast. Don’t they all look so pretty together!! My favorite though from the three is “Hello, Witchling” cause it literally smells like berries and wine. IT SMELL SOOO GOOD!!! 💗

As for my 4oz. The tins were on special which I am sad to say they don’t sell the tins no more only jars now. I got all of these!!! Currently burning the “Stars Hallow” candle, inspired by my all time favorite show Gilmore Girls.

I do not regret buying none. I do regret though not buying more when the special was in place.


(Pictures above are mine. The tea picture I got from her etsy shop. I chose a Ravenclaw tea cause I’M A REAVENCLAW!!! CAW CAW🖤💙🦅….I know geeky🤓 lol)

Ravenclaw Loose Tea Blend - Earl Grey, Vanilla, Bergamot, Cornflower Petals | Harry Potter Inspired

This is a new edition to her shop or at least it use to be there but then she took it off but now it is back there again. I have not bought any teas from her but I plan to get some soon a long w/some Wintersong inspired candles. I am happy customer and share with you guys my buys. 

Go check out her shop. I have her link above. Hope you guys like this post. Next time I might actually talk about Supernatural and it won’t be candles (>.<).

Thank You for reading guys! Until next time (^^)/


Bookish Themed Goodies V

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the MIA but I am back! My girl Steph is having some technical difficulties but she will be back with us soon. We have MUCH to catch up but for now I will start with a new bookish themed merch.

Our Bookish Shop For this post is: Type Writer Hearts

I ordered this a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to support a new shop starting off and wanted to try of course  her sugar scrubs. I, in total honesty have never tried a sugar scrub before. When I saw the variety she had I was tempted to try one.

I went on choosing mine based on color and scent. Winter Court, which is inspired by “A Court Of Thorns And Roses” Trilogy by Sarah J. Maas, has a pine, snowy freshness scent and the color is beautiful! I fell in love when I saw it.

I also got two lip balms. Both were Harry Potter inspired. One was  “Dumbledore” with a lemon sherbert scent. It smells delicious!! The other was “Neville” with a floral scent which was given to my friend cause she wanted one as well. She loved it. The scent in that one is not as strong so it was perfect for her. 

Her labels are literally using a typewriter. I find that unique and beautiful. Her prizes are not expensive. Shipping isn’t bad either if you are in the USA of course. Shipping outside I have no idea but it will let you know if you want to find out before you buy. 

She has different fandom merch so maybe you will find something you like. She has lip balms, sugar scrubs, and soaps.

All her stuff are hand made and originally done by her. My sugar scrub was amazing. It really left my skin so soft. I loved it! I plan to get more of course. Probably another Winter Court sugar scrub cause that color is beautiful (^.^). 




I hope you guys enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or bookish merch you want to share let me know. I also want to say I am NOT a representative for this little shop this is all my personal opinion. Go check it out if you’d like. She also has an Instagram that keeps you updated with her new things coming. I left a link above for her etsy shop.

So that’s it for now. Thank you so much for reading guys, following and supporting. Mucho love! 

Until next time, Angie (^^)/

Bookish Themed Goodies IV

Hello Bookworms, 

Another post of bookish themed goodies.You guys want to see more here are the links to my previous ones: 

I hope you guys are really liking these posts as much as I am. I love sharing info about bookish items I have gotten and maybe that will make you want to try some. I want to say I AM NOT A REP (REPRESENTATIVE) FOR ANY OF THESE PRODUCTS. I DON’T WIN ANYTHING, I just think you might like some of these stuff so I don’t mind sharing. Shall we begin! 

Today’s Shop: NerdieNifties 

I LOVE this shop. Its an Etsy shop. Etsy is an online store w/many little companies where people sell their stuff there and it is awesome. Word wide shipping for most and it is shops from all over the world.

I don’t know if you guys remember BUT! I have a little of a bookish candle obsession at the moment and don’t think it will leave any time soon cause I just bought more……..So any how. This shop is amazing!! It has candles inspired by books, shows, characters, movies and the prices are CHEAP. They are affordable!! Just look at it!! 

 My favorite at the moment 😍. If you are fans of “Game of Thrones” YOU NEED THIS BABY IN YOUR LIFE!!! “Winter is Coming” has a beautiful label design. There are wolves in it too which ME, I am a sucker for. HOUSE STARK Y’ALL🐾🐺!!!

The scent smells SOOOOO GOOD!! Its peppermint and I asked for the scent to be stronger. I am IN LOVE!! This is my candle!  This is a 4oz jar, it is $6.50 plus shipping. They also have the 90z jar at $11.70 plus shipping. They ship world wide.

They have bundle deals too. Also, they sell bookmarks, bath bombs which I have heard good stuff about, soap, lip balms, they have some variety of bookish goodies. Rite now they have a clearance or sale going on. Maybe you might be interested so go see!!. I plan to get more from her. I want all her “Game Of Thrones” candles 😁💕 👑.

This is the only one I have at the moment but I will be changing that really soon cause I need at least 2 full size of this baby and I need “The Nights Watch”, “Red Wedding”, “Mother of Dragons”, and “I Drink and Know Things” to start off 🤔😁.

This is it for now! Thank you guys for reading and hope you guys like what you see. I have links to all, if you guys want to check anything out. If you have any bookish candles let me know plz! I don’t mind expanding my collection.

SO, Until Next Time Angie (^^)/

Bookish Themed Goodies III 🤓

Hello Bookworms, 

Today’s post more bookish themed goodies!! As I had said before on my other posts on this theme I have been addicted to buying Bookish Candles sooooo there will be more of that! The shop for today is: MUGGLE LIBRARY CANDLES 

I love this shop. I found out about this shop by coincidence. During that time she was changing her labels, which I think they came out GORGEOUS! She had a special of buying one 8oz candle and you receive a 4oz candle w/her old labels for free. 

I wanted Winter Court which was inspired by the A Court Of Thorns And Roses series by Sarah J. Maas and as my 4oz I asked for a Rowan  which was inspired by the Throne Of Glass Series by the same amazing author Sarah J. Maas.  When my package came I was surprised because the packaging was so pretty and bright and in my order I had a free tea light sample of The Night Lord candle!! I was beaming \(^.^)/!!

LOOK HOW PRETTY!! She completely personalized the box and added a card and shipping was quick. I loved it! I was a satisfied customer which is the reason I am going back for more. She has new candles out and I bet they smell amazing!!

I have tried Winter Court, Rowan, and The Night Lord but my favorite is WINTER COURT . It looks so pretty and smells so good. It’s like the smell of pine trees and freshness. I love it!! 

The price range is $14.00 and shipping is depending where you are located. I am in the USA so It is $6.80. Its actually went down cause it was more. Trust me these candles are worth it. I am in love! Go check them out! She even has the bundle deal w/buying 2 4oz jar candles for $8.00 plus shipping. I will be buying more cause I am excited for her new scents! 

wp-image-689898107jpg.jpg20170226_113343.jpg                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         wp-image-1971066017jpg.jpg
So, this was today’s post! Hope you guys like and it. Thank you for reading and

Until Next Time (^^)/, Angie. 

Bookish Goodies II


Since last Saturday I posted about “Bookish Goodies” I decided to post another this week. If you are verly joining me my bookish goodies are anything book themed related. For example they could be bookmarks, candles, jewelry, and so forth. If your interested to know about my first post on this topic just click here! Bookish Goodies I

Most of my bookish stuff have been bought from little companies in Etsy . This site has so many shops I’m pretty sure there really is something for everyone.  Anyways, for today’s bookish theme I will talk about BOOKISH CANDLES ♥♥!! On my last post I said I will mention shops I have bought personally or have received things from. So, each time I will talk about the items I loved from a particular shop! 

Today is about: BIBLIOFLAMES ♥♦♥. This shop was the one who created my bookish candle obsession!! I would always see different candles on bookstagram (Instagram for books. I have an account if you want to follow all my bookish related stuff @mywolfs_booktaste ). All the pretty candles and there scents always sounded amazing but the prizes at times would be to expensive for me so instead I waited…..but  then a shop appeared, BiblioFlames. It is runned Miranda, she makes candles affordable for her buyers. She also would do live shows on instagram and interacted with her followers and asked what we wanted to see or what we wanted to buy. She is funny and sweet and I just loved her. So I decided to get my FIRST EVER bookish candle from her. The “CozyBookshop”. 

This candle smells AMAZING!! and if you don’t want to take my word for it please do yourself a favor and BUY IT! It smells of Hazelnut Coffee, with hints of leather and vanilla. Its soooo GOOD!

The simplest way for me to describe it is If you are here in the US and have walked into Barnes and Noble and as soon as you open the door the scent of coffee hits you right across the face THAT is this candle. If you are into that this candle is for you. 

Another way to describe this for none Barnes and Noble people is walking into a coffee shop or caffè. Its that delicious coffee scent that makes your nostrils flare with goodness! I LOVE this candle, its my favorite so far from her shop. 

Prices vary depending where you are located because of shipping. If you are in the USA I believe with shipping included its $14 something. Which personally isn’t bad since some candles cost $14 or more plus shipping. She sales candles of 8oz and 4oz, also wax melts. I have both (^^) as you can see.

I have a new batch that I recently ordered. She is still a new company so she is still creating new scents and putting them out there. She takes input and takes our requests into consideration. I recommend her shop!! 

My most recent buys from her are “Goosebumps”” Jane Austen”and “Bella&Edwards Twilight”.  I got three 4oz candles and I can’t wait to light them up \(^.^)/!!! 

That is it For Now. Until next time (^^)/

Angie XX

♡Bookish Goodies😍

Hey Everyone,

This post is about bookish goods. Not the type you eat like cookies and cakes but items that are themed around our favorite books. For example the world of Harry Potter (😶….I haven’t read that series yet so don’t kill me BUT I’ve seen the movies lol) or Throne Of Glass (My girl Stephanie and I favorite series💕.) Or A Court Of Thorns And Roses (Stephs bookish Boyfriend Rhys💕💙 mine Cassian 😍💜. We decided to share Azriel……at least thats what she thinks😉) or even fairy-tales. There is so much diversity in our bookish goods out there.

So I don’t know if some of you guys know but there is this site called Etsy and many people go and create there stuff and start their little companies there. MANY bookworm/bookdragons there.I have recently decided to purchase some items from there and I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER. THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE!! I will only talk about shops I have bought from personally and loved. Today I’ll talk about one shop. Let’s Go!

BOOKISH LIPBALMS:  From Literary Lip Balms (Click to go to the site)

Don’t these look pretty!!😍💕. I love them!! And the packaging is cute! If you buy more than one they come in this small little sack bag. The little card illustration has a beautiful little art and in the back there is a message from the owner/seller herself.

She has her location in Dublin, Ireland. Please don’t panic about shipping if you are in the U.S. (I can’t speak for other locations cause evey price is different but you can check and it will tell you 😊) I paid $5.00 for shipping cost, which I actually thought wasn’t that bad because it’s not 5 bucks per item but $5 flat for both my items. Her lip balms are handmade and cheap too! Her cheapest one is $2.50 and her most expensive is $4.90.

My favorite so far is “Enchanted Rose”, which was inspired by my favorite classic fairy-tale Beauty and the Beast. It smells like rose petals and orange citrus. Its amazing and I love it. Just look at its color!

The other lip balm I got was inspired by Pirates Of The Caribbean and its called “Where’s the Rum”. Of course a line said by our Captain Jack Sparrow. This one has a little more stronger scent of spices. I’ll be honest I am not a big of a fan of this one compared to my “Enchanted Rose” one but it is still pretty good. This one I believe it takes a special type of person to like this scent. The color reminds me of the sun!

I am pretty happy with my buys. Since it was my first international buy I was unsure if I had to pay extra when it arrived but the Owner of the Literary Lip Balms answered my doubts and assured me. I did not pay crap when it got here so I was Happy! So I definitely recommend this place. To the USA it took 2 weeks to get here which was a lot sooner then I thought cause it said it would of take up to 4 weeks but shipping time was good. I do plan to buy all of her lip balms. My next ones would be “Mad Tea Party” and “Sherbet Lemon”. I will share my thoughts in that too, when I order them. 

Is there any bookish goods you have? what are they? My next ones will be about…….BOOKISH CANDLES!! The store that started my obsession (^^)’>hehehe.

That is all for now. Until next time (^^)/

Angie xx.