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It has been a while since I’ve posted anything but I am happy to announce I am back!!

I have been busy with acting lately but I have finally found a window to write another post. And what an exciting post this is. Now, considering I’m behind on social media and feel like I’m the first to know about things when really I’m the last to know, you guys might have already heard about this but eff it. I’m announcing it anyway in case any of you are like me and haven’t heard anything about it yet.

First news I would love to bring up is…drumroll… The Shatter Me Series!!! Yes I know the book series ended a while ago but it has just been announced that Tahereh Mafi (the author of the series for those of you who don’t know) has 3 NEW books to add to the series. That’s right people, the Shatter Me series will no longer be a trilogy but a…hexology?? A 6-book series, let’s just say that. It is said that the next books coming out will be continuing off from book 3 (Ignite Me). So it is not a spin-off but a continuing-off…I should stop inventing words…a sequel as some may say.

The book will come in 2 different POV’s which are Juliette’s POV and Warner’s (😍) POV. I cannot wait for the series to continue but unfortunately we have to wait until 2018 for the next book to come out. But I do have to be grateful to the writers of the TV series for asking Tahereh Mafi a question even she didn’t know the answer to which led her to reread her series and realize that Juliette’s journey had just begun. And thus people, the continuation of the Shatter Me series is born!! (\^_^/) 🌈

For more info on this amazing news, here is the link: https://www.google.com/amp/ew.com/books/2017/04/26/tahereh-mafi-shatter-me-series-new-books/amp/

Also, for those of you who aren’t aware either, yes, you have read correctly, Shatter Me is becoming a TV series so all you actresses out there, my claws are out and may the odds be ever in your favor ✌🏻👆🏻 (pretend that’s one hand holding up 3 fingers). My heart may belong to Celaena Sardothien so you girls still may have a chance with Juliette because I’m not giving up Celaena for anything (even tho I’m not blonde, I will fight).

Here is a link to more info on the Shatter Me TV series for those of you who are interested in that info: http://www.thefandom.net/tv-shows/tahereh-mafis-shatter-me-series-coming-to-television/


Yes I had to write it in all caps because it’s so exciting!!! Here is the link to the exercpt. If you don’t care about the questionare, like me, because you’re too excited for the excerpt then scroll to the bottom of the article and you will find what we have been waiting for. Well part of what we’ve all been waiting for. 

Sarah J. Maas shares excerpt from ‘A Court of Wings and Ruin’

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“The Witches Of The Glass Castle” [Book Review]

Title: “The Witches Of The Glass Castle” by Gabriella Lepore

Rating: ☆☆☆☆.4/5☆’s

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance 

Published: April 18th 2017 


Mia’s life is thrown through a loop when she discovers her family secret — that she and her brother Dino are witches. After they are sent away to study their craft, they begin down a path that will change their lives forever.

Suddenly thrust into a world where handsome warriors command the power of nature and people’s thoughts and actions can be manipulated at will, Mia and Dino struggle to navigate their own allegiances and do what they know to be right when everything around them seems beyond their control.

My Thoughts and Review:

           “The Witches Of The Glass Castle” is actually the first book I read this month. With so much going on I am SO GLAD I PICKED IT UP!! The cover you guys is GORGEOUS!!! love the design and color. You are pulled in buy it. So A+ on the cover!! I didn’t even know I needed a witch fix. Gabriella Lepore loves to write witch theme books and I LOVE IT! Her writing is so easy to get into. I love the way she writes when it comes to the bonds of family. The relationship between Dino and her Aunt may seem a little harsh at times but they understand each other and they love each other and they know it. I thought it was beautiful. Her aunt would kill for her boy. LITERALLY!

          The romance was not rushed and I love when the romance is not instant but it grows and that is what we have here. I will say it gets cheesy sometimes but it goes with our characters. The sibling relationship between Dino and Mia is a little wacky but there is a scene that I loved between them that showed how much Dino cared for his sister. Then we had surprises that I honestly did not see coming. I enjoyed the characters and the magic. I LOVED the HUNTERS! one in particular and I need more! The way it ended was not enough cause things were verly getting started!!!

        Really enjoyed this read. The magic and romance were my favorite parts and need to know what happens next!!

       Both books are out! So go get your witch fix cause TRUST ME you need it! Gabriella Lepore knows her craft.


******eARC Given by publisher for honest review********

Thanx for reading guys!

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No Sleep Podcast

Hey everyone, 

With school and life and everything my reading time has been cut down to a minimum. I know there are audiobooks but its not the same and at times I can’t connect with the book. Only one book has been a success in audiobook and that is “The Call” which I will post later on about that experience. 

Todays post is about a podcast called ” No Sleep” I have been addicted listening to them!! I love their stories. All the stories are from this site called RedIt. I had read one from there once and it gave me goosebumps but I LOVED IT! Now I listen to them as well and it is creepy good!! 

Different stories each time. Of course not all of them are good but MOST are. These are stories created by people and they post them on Redit and some have even been published. I personally, love how the run the podcast. They have different people each time telling the story. They put eerie music and sound effects that you feel you are watching a movie. They really go all out to make you feel the feeling of “No Sleep”. One really gets pulled in. I have been listening to them and started from their very first episode.

I HIGHLY recommend you guys listen them. Especially if you are like me and want to read but can’t cause life and all and you can’t quite connect to audio books at times, then this is the next best thing. If you have and Ipod/Iphone/Ipad just search them up in your podcast app. You’ll find them there! or for people w/ samsung or other devices you can check them out here:

No sleep Site: https://www.thenosleeppodcast.com/ 

Redit: https://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/

This are scary/creepy/horror type stories. So no lovey dovey and sometimes NO happy endings. So if you into that and are okay with that then GO CHECK THEM OUT CAUSE ITS AWESSOME!! 

Thank You for reading guys

Until next Time (^^)/ 


Bookish Themed VI

Hi guys,

Sorry I skipped last weeks Bookish merch. Midterms, tests and studying. Just so much and its still not over 😫….but I can manage to post today😜! So with nothing more to add here is today’s shop!!

Shop: Wick and Fable 

This is an Etsy shop as well and guess what it has bookish candles and wait for it……TEA!!! I have always been a tea person not much coffee. Don’t get me wrong I do take my now and then much needed caffeine jist but will always turn for tea. More my style. 🍵

Wick and fable was having a sale and I might of gone just a little crazy……..(^^)>. Just a little. I bought a couple of bookish candles and got a bonus. 💙

It came in there own custom made box. Which I think looks amazing and adds personality to their company. Just look at it.👀

My order was done during a horrible weather time and was delayed because of a snow storm. The good thing is the owner would update us in our packages and would help us out if we needed it.

Great service all the way! I recommend you guys go check her stuff. You will fall in love with her products.   


As 8oz candles I had wanted “Hello, Witchling” and “Rowan” which are bookish candles inspired by the TOG( Throne Of Glass Series). As a bonus for the March Special I got a “Ever After” 4oz. in honor of Beauty and The Beast. Don’t they all look so pretty together!! My favorite though from the three is “Hello, Witchling” cause it literally smells like berries and wine. IT SMELL SOOO GOOD!!! 💗

As for my 4oz. The tins were on special which I am sad to say they don’t sell the tins no more only jars now. I got all of these!!! Currently burning the “Stars Hallow” candle, inspired by my all time favorite show Gilmore Girls.

I do not regret buying none. I do regret though not buying more when the special was in place.


(Pictures above are mine. The tea picture I got from her etsy shop. I chose a Ravenclaw tea cause I’M A REAVENCLAW!!! CAW CAW🖤💙🦅….I know geeky🤓 lol)

Ravenclaw Loose Tea Blend - Earl Grey, Vanilla, Bergamot, Cornflower Petals | Harry Potter Inspired

This is a new edition to her shop or at least it use to be there but then she took it off but now it is back there again. I have not bought any teas from her but I plan to get some soon a long w/some Wintersong inspired candles. I am happy customer and share with you guys my buys. 

Go check out her shop. I have her link above. Hope you guys like this post. Next time I might actually talk about Supernatural and it won’t be candles (>.<).

Thank You for reading guys! Until next time (^^)/



Hi Guys!

        💚Big News!! I am so excited for THIS!!! cause one of my MOST ANTICIPATED books is coming out this year and the cover reveal has been POSTED!!!!! I can’t keep my excitement in!! I NEED THE WORLD TO READ THIS BABY!! Its Frikin amazing!!! It is a Dystopian read and I KNOW some people are over that genre but PLEASE give this one a try! This book is incredible with action pack scenes, great characters, great plot line, a strong kick-ass heroin and over all AMAZING! This author created such a great world that everyone needs to dive in. Its actually one of my favorite dystopian reads and I have read a couple (^^)>. There are three books in the series and will post all three towards the end.

So without any more here is the Cover Real for the last book of the New World Risng Trilogy” : THE NEW WORLD INFERNO by Jennifer Wilson

ISN’T IT BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it!!! ❤❤My favorite out of the three and I love how the colors pop out and call to you!! Red is my favorite color and it totally does it justice here!!! Will be coming out SEP. 12th

Look forward to this books but read the first two now! First book is “New World Rising” and the Second is “New World Ashes” , these books are amazing you won’t regret reading them. I’ll move my reviews from these books over from goodreads to here just in case if you guys are interested! 










Book Trailer for New World Rising here: http://www.thenewworldseries.com/?p=18004 

Jennifer Wilson sitehttp://www.thenewworldseries.com/


Okay guys I am gonna try to calm myself. and try to make a plan in how to get an ARC of this baby. This is crucial for me!!💜💜

Thank you so much for reading. Until Next Time \(^^)/


“The Animal Under The Fur” [Book Review]

Title: “The Animal Under The Fur” by E.J. Mellow

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/5☆’s

Genre: Kick-Ass Action Pack/New Adult/Adult Romance 

Publication Date: March 30th 2017


               Orphaned on the streets as a baby, Nashville Brown, a.k.a Kill Operative 3, knows better than to rely on anyone. With heightened senses and superhuman strength to survive, she’s been raised as the perfect assassin. The trick to her success? Keeping everyone, even her best friend, at arm’s length. Losing his entire family in the span of a year, Carter Smith left his ability to love buried deep in their graves. His only concerns now are completing his missions and effortlessly charming the next temptress to warm his bed. The key to his accomplishments? Working alone mixed with a Casanova smile. But when a deadly weapon needs to be stopped from falling into the wrong hands, the lone wolves find themselves thrown into an explosive partnership. Can Carter and 3 lower their guns aimed at one another long enough to succeed, or will their unwillingness to compromise end up destroying more than their perfect records? Whatever their differences, both agree on one thing—in the game of lies and deceit, the line between friend and foe is often blurred by blood splatter. 

My Thoughts and Review: 

◇◇◇ First of all this book is a Standalone so anyone who is not a fan of reading a series don’t worry this book is safe for you. Second this book was AMAZING!!! I love it all!! I have no complains. This Book is all my favorite Movies/TvShows/Books stuff put together! This is a mix of the show “Nikita”, the movie “Mr.&Mrs. Smith”, The book prequel of TOG “The Assassins Blade” by Sarah J. Maas, and the book “New World Rising” by Jennifer Wilson. What do they all have in common you ask?? KICK_ASS characters and Strong female leads! Action pack from the START! 

      So we meet Nashville who is our main character here. She is a professional Assassin. Her K.OP name is ”3”…..you will find out why eventually. She was abandoned young and can’t remember much but what she does know is she is an “A+”. Someone with superhuman strength and heighten senses. The closes thing to a super hero. She was recruited young and was taught how to use her abilities. She does not like to get close to people always keeps them at a distant but if anyone hurts who she cares for they will never see it coming…..

       She goes on a mission and turns out there is another operative working in the same mission as her from a different agency and Crap collides!! So many things go down and it is exciting! You will not be able to put the book down. It was just that good!! The fight scenes, the romance, the friendships, the characters, the chemistry, the comedy!! All of it was SOOOO GOOD!!! I haven’t read a standalone like this in a while or ever cause I can’t remember, that had all the stuff I love and I am pretty sure everyone else will. Like HOW COULD YOU NOT!??

      The book is fast-pace. Secrets from the past come back to hunt her and the ending…..I LOVED IT. I thought it was a PERFECT ending! If you haven’t realized it yet, YES I DO RECOMMEND cause I would love to talk to someone who has read it and talk about all the crazy stuff and scenes that happen!! YOU MUST!!! And if you have seen the shows/movies/books I had mentioned above that I believe remind me of this baby then we really need to talk after you are done! 

Thanx for reading guys.\(^^)/  

[eARC given by author for honest review]

  Reviewed by Angie 

“Rose Petal Graves” Book Review!

Title: “Rose Petal Graves” by Olivia Wildenstein

Rating: ☆☆☆☆.9/ 5 ☆’s

Genre: Fantasy. Teens& YA 

Publication Date: March 29, 2017


Ancient secrets cannot remain buried forever.

Founded two centuries ago by a powerful tribe of Gottwa Indians, Rowan was a quiet town, so quiet that I fled after graduation. Staying away was the plan, but Mom died suddenly.

Dad said she suffered a stroke after she dug up one of the ancient graves in our backyard, which happens to be the town cemetery. Creepy, I know. Creepier still, there was no corpse inside the old coffin, only fresh rose petals.

As we made preparations for Mom’s burial, new people began arriving in Rowan, unnervingly handsome and odd people. I begged them to leave, but they stayed, because their enemies—my ancestors—were beginning to awaken.

Book Review: 

The only fae books I had actually read and liked were the Throne of Glass series and A Court of Thorns and Roses both by Sarah J. Maas. I can’t actually think of other fae type…..

Well anyway I am happy to say that now I have a new one to add to my list of great Fae books! First of all, the cover is beautiful! I love the rose and dark colors used for it. It makes it stand out. Also what I enjoyed the most were the characters. This book reminded me of “The Vampire Diaries” but the show not the book (I did not really like the books much, LOVE the show. DAMON🖤💗🖤!!) If you like the TV show you will enjoy this book.

I am HAPPY to say we have a Damon in this book. He is Dominant, sarcastic, evil at times, caring, protective, GOD I LOVE HIM!! Every time he appeared I would laugh at what came out of him and imagined “Damon” from Vampire Diaries saying it. There is also Two other male characters that play a big role in our romance part with our main character, Catori and I already know people will have a hard time deciding who to go for. I kinda am but I have already chosen my guy, my Damon duplicate but he is not part of the love interest.

We have hunters, fae warriors, ancestors, deaths, everything is all happening so fast for our main lead (Catori) its crazy. I like how the story is developing and the secrets that are starting to reveal themselves. I also like how one still does not actually know who to trust yet. I still don’t know on whose side I’m on yet. Its like a guessing game and really like the mystery. It did not finish in a cliffhanger but I am already looking forward the sequel. There is still so much to tell!! I highly recommend you guys to pick this up. It was pretty fast pace and the characters will pull you in.

Reviewed by Angie (^^)/

**eARC given through Netgalley for Honest Review**